Those of you closest to us know that we have gone through some dibilitating trials since our conception in 2009, and the line up changes have been the largest of offenders. It’s no easy task pouring four creative minds into the musical shaker we call a rock and roll band, and trying to create the perfect cocktail. In the end, no matter what the taste, we all had a good time. Thank you to all previous members of Tragic Culture, we will never forget those nights. 

That being said, I would like to introduce those of you who don’t know to our newest guitar player Matt Young, and newest bassist Tony Grilli. Ironically, we are all Stockton natives, and what’s even more impressive, we all went to high school together. This history was instantly apparent during our first rehearsal, where everyone looked at eachother halfway through the first song, and smiled at the sound that was happening.

Now, with our second studio EP just days away from release, I say it again. Thank you to anyone and everyone who has been with us from the start. Thank you for your continuing support, and most of all, thank you for accepting the new members as a part of Tragic Culture.
Basically, new songs kill, live set’s chill, and we gonna keep on keepin on… for real.


Music Review

TC would like to thank Jay Filichia with skateredcurbs.com for the album review. Cheers!

by Jay Filichia

Here is a band that I was turned onto by my friends over at www.thelocalmusicscene.org.

Tragic Culture is a quartet from Stockton that blends songwriting sensibility with upbeat rhythms, complex melodies and down right innovative guitar work.

Tragic Culture was formed in 2010 by Zach Cantu and are influenced by Oasis Bush and Coldplay. While you can clearly hear some of their influences in their music, they take it well beyond any group they mention liking or are trying to emulate.

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